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Are You A Target For Termination?
July 16, 2013


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Date July 16, 2013!!

Issue #52



If there was ever a call to WAKE UP for employees it was the recent Supreme Court decision in the Vance v. Ball State University. In this case, a black American banquet worker employed by Ball State University accused the white woman she believed was her supervisor of racial harassment.

The court decided the female she accused of harassing her was a co-worker and not a part of management. The significance of this means it just became a lot harder for employees to prove their employers are discriminating and retaliating against them. It's much easier to prove discrimination and retaliation when it's a supervisor an not one of your co-workers.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned that the decision would relieve employers of responsibility for the behavior of many of their supervisors. That says to me it is now easier for employers to hide various types of discrimination by blurring the lines of who is a supervisor and thus is a representative of management or ownership. Subsequent to this Court decision any job applicant and employee better have a clear understanding of what constitutes a supervisor and who their manager or supervisor is.

This ruling is perfect timing for my new article series starting this month. "Learn What To Do If The Employer Is Setting You Up For Termination" I know the information contained in this series is some of the most closely guarded and amazingly powerful weaponry any career seeker and employee could get their hands on. In fact, some would think because of the years of experience, training, research and fighting for and defending my employee rights why I'm giving this priceless info away free!

Quite frankly, I've seriously thought about creating an ebook on this series and marketing it. Because of the tremendous amount of time, research and energy I put into my Basic Employee Rights sites and the Monthly eNewsletter I will probably offer a membership option for subscribers who are truly serious about learning, protecting and sharing the advanced strategies to protect their workplace rights.

I will also be offering all kinds of additional No COST employee rights resources for members. However, the best is yet to come ;0)

I may still turn this article series into an ebook and sell it for $27-$47. Yes, it's that powerful! Nonetheless, for my subscribers you get it absolutely free. The following is a list of the topics that will be revealed in ways that will absolutely uncover many of the behind the scenes tricks, games and gimmicks your boss, HR, co-workers and owners can and will use against you!

1st Installment: "Are You A Target For Termination"

2nd Installment: "What To Do When There's No Doubt They Intend To Fire You"

3rd Installment: "The Advantage Of Learning Your Employers Termination Strategy Against You"

4th Installment: "How To Create And Use An Effective Strategy To Protect Your Job"

5th Installment: "How To Tactics That Will Give You An Advantage"

6th Installment: "How To React To Your Boss's Moves And Plan of Attack"

7th Installment: "How To know When Your Employer Is Closing In For The Kill"

8th Installment: "How To Be Prepared For Termination D-Day"

9th Installment: "What To Do If You Decide to Leave"

10th Installment: "Clearly Understanding Your Options After Termination"

11th Installment: "Learn The First Thing To Do After Leaving"

12th Installment: "what To Do If You Decide To Sue"

13th Installment: "Learn How To Understand And Choose A Lawyer"

14th Installment: "How To Get Free Legal Services For Your Lawsuit"

I'm sure after you start this series you won't want to have to wait another month for the next installment.


This article series is NOT for everyone. This is not for you if...

YOU are not willing to fight and sacrifice for your employee rights.

YOU believe your job is safe and secure.

YOU believe Human Resources is your friend.

YOU believe the EEO (Equal Employment Office) representative is your friend.

YOU believe all you have to do is keep your mouth shut and do as you are told.

YOU believe your manager or supervisor would never do anything to get you fired.

YOU believe any problems your co-workers may have with management is their issue and nothing you need be concerned about.

If you truly believe any or all of the above then you are already defeated and will be wasting your time reading this series.

However, if YOU do understand you must take control of your employment situation, this is the perfect series for you. This is some of the most powerful and plainly written information every job seeker and employee could ever get their hands on!

Continue reading for the first installment in the series...


Article Series

I debated whether to share this series via my normal eNewsletter email. Just as I debated whether to add it to a paid membership site, because the content is certainly worth it. As a result of the escalated assault on the rights of employees by the U.S. Supreme Court everyone needs access to this valuable information. Therefore, I'm adding it to:

Every career seeker and employee better have a sense of urgency concerning their workplace rights now more than ever! That said let's get to it.

Learn What To Do If The Employer Is Setting You Up For Termination.

1st Installment: "Are You A Target For Termination?"

Follow the link.....

If you have a problem with the link got to the site and click the "Termination Series" link on the NavBar

Until next time, watching Your Basic Employee Rights back ;0)



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