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Filing An Unemployment Claim The Right Way!
September 05, 2011


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Four Mistakes Human Resources Routinely Makes!

Human Resource departments across all industries are being advised by their attorneys to close four employee handbook loopholes that could help the employee. An employer's policies and guidelines are the foundation for what is expected of the employee. It also outlines what individuals in the workplace are entitled to.

The following are 4 major areas employees need to be aware of. Your boss doesn't want you to learn and understand how these things can help you if and when needed.

Read more about it here;


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Date September 5, 2011

Issue #30


Your Basic Employee Rights Survey results!

I want to thank everyone that participated in my last survey. It answered some important questions. I will be conducting a NEW survey soon! The objective will again be...

(1) What is the #1 workplace issue that concerns or affects you?

(2) How can better address those concerns?

That said....

So let's get to it!



Filing An Unemployment Claim The Right Way!

The reality of job loss due to economic famine for many has made understanding how to file unemployment claims even more important. With unemployment at all-time highs the amount of ex-employees requesting unemployment benefits is also at you guessed it...all time highs!

It is absolutely critical that you even if you still have a job learn how to file an unemployment claim that increases your chances of getting approved for benefits. There are many scams and misinformation on the web from companies selling "legal services" to ex-employees needing to file unemployment claims. Most of these businesses require you to sign waivers amounting to YOU acknowledging No legal service is being provided and you are NOT even getting assistance in filing you unemployment claim!

These "services" have a lot of legalese jargon designed to confuse and most importantly relieve you of dwindling cash reserves. Among the main scams these sites offer is charging to tell you "how and where" to file your unemployment claim. This information is readily available free! To file your unemployment claim simply search online for the government site in your state. From any search engine like Google or Yahoo simply enter your states name + file for unemployment.

Make sure the search result is a state agency ending with .gov and not a .com or .org. Now what do we need to know to ensure getting the unemployment benefits? We need to know how the "game" is played. The main guideline for qualifying for unemployment benefits is this;

You get financial assistance when losing your job, the following is the key...."through NO FAULT of their own". Now before we go any further let's blow away some misconceptions.

(1) Everybody that loses a job gets unemployment.

(2) Everybody that quits a job receives unemployment.

Many times employees wrongly believe forcing the employer to fire them versus resigning will qualify them for unemployment. Employees tend to forget about that little thorn in the side of the American workplace called "At Will". This means we can be fired for any or no reason and we can quit for any or no reason. Our bosses have a lot of latitude in coming up with "good" reasons to let us go. Then it's up to us to prove the termination or lay off was wrongful or illegal.

The bottomline is, the key to getting unemployment benefits is NOT did I quit or was I fired. The question is was it "due to NO FAULT of my own"? The following are priceless tips for getting unemployment benefits;

(1) NEVER document on the unemployment application "You resigned"!! NEVER ever put that in writing on the application. Use this sentence, "I was constructively discharged", meaning your boss pushed you out the door.

(2) If you were fired always say, "I was willing and able to work or ready willing and able to work". Make sure you stick with this theme throughout the unemployment process. Here's an example, "I had a desire to continue working for workplace Bully, Inc. but the supervisor created such a negative and hostile work environment that I was constructively discharged."

(3) DO NOT write down the ways your manager constructively discharged you. Wait for the phone interview with the unemployment investigator or after your employers response to your benefits application. The bottomline is file your application and wait to see if your former employer will try to get your benefits denied. That way you will have the advantage of knowing what your employer is trying to use against you. Then you will be in a better position to prove otherwise.

(4) This last tip is just as important as the others....KNOW YOUR DEADLINE FOR FILING! I've seen so many sad situations where people have forgotten, assumed or missed this. Find out what your state deadline is for filing when you visit the .gov website from the time you left employment and mark it on all your calendars and have all your family and friends remind you!

Don't forget, NEVER pay anyone to tell you, family or friends WHERE and HOW to file an unemployment claim. I just showed how you can do this on your own. The situation in which you would NEED to consult an attorney would be if you were denied benefits when you filed or denied because you were unaware of the info I just shared. A lawyer could help you in appealing the decision to deny benefits.

Until next time as always.....

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