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Employers abuse job interviews!
June 02, 2012


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Date June 4, 2012!!

Issue #39


Important News!

Hello My friend,

The rights of employees are under attack like never before. It is absolutely critical for everyone and anyone working to keep food on the table, clothes on their families backs and a roof over their heads to realize what's happening.

The assault on local and state employees rights is a stepping stone to the private sector. Political and economic pressures are creating an environment for success and failure.

Not since 1998 when my passion and compassion for my fellow employees was awakened have I felt such a sense of urgency to alert job seekers and employees about how their rights are being threatened.

I will continue to provide you with the latest info affecting your Basic Employee Rights!

That said....

So let's get to it!



Learn Actual Interview Questions Being Asked By Employers!

Here is a great resource for learning in advance interview questions you may be asked. Along with generic questions use this resource to learn what exact questions the potential employer has asked before with answers they provided.


I hope this resource helps in finding the "right" employment for you, family and friends.



Employers Abuse Job Interviews!

Is there anything wrong with job interviews? I have a better question. Is there anything right with job interviews? After having worked, been interviewed and conducted interviews the latter question makes more sense.

Several things about the job interview process are glaringly apparent.

  • Most interviewers are clueless in conducting the interview
  • Most interviewees are clueless in understanding the interview

There are many things that can and will blow up a job interview for both the interviewer and job applicant. Since my passion is for the welfare of the employee I'm going to focus on the most important errors for them to be aware of and to avoid.

The American workplace is constantly evolving. That is compounded by the struggle to recover from the worst economic fiasco in the history of this country. Depending on where you live there may be as many as 100 people or more applying for the same job.

With this present employment reality more employers have the "You should be glad you have a job" mentality. This in turn emboldens them to intimidate, discriminate and retaliate even more than in a healthy economic environment.

Job seekers and employees should be aware of these important interview issues;

Contradictory Interview Questions
Same questions not asked of all job seekers leads to unreliability of answers.

Tell Me What I Want To Hear
Applicants and interviewers parrot what each wants to hear, not the truth.

Job Interview assembly Line
After doing twenty interviews the interviewers focus and judgment blurs.

Top Tip! More on this for job applicants here ======>

"Helter Skelter Interviewer"
The interviewer has no order to the process, then there's no reliable results.

Interviewer "Mobbing"
Group or panel interviews can be confusing, chaotic, bias and a circus.

Lights, Camera, Action Interview
Interviewer and interviewee will rarely "be themselves" or act normally.

The "Who Am I?" Interviewer
The interviewers race, age, sex, culture filter judgments about the applicant.

"What Time Is It?"
Is it a morning or afternoon interview? Fatigue for both sides can affect the results.

Inconsistent Locations
Is the interview in a meeting room or a eatery? This can add distractions affecting outcomes.

What's my Number?"
Subtlety ask you are the first candidate. Statistics show first applicants have low hire rates.

"Hands On The Trigger"
Ill trained interviewers have "built in" triggers they subjectively use to unfairly screen applicants. These can be some cultural, racial, religious or other bias.

"The Time Is NOW"
The majority of interviewers only look at "right now" not "later on" when Interviewing. The applicant should be asking questions about where he/she will fit in the future plans of the employer.

Well, that's it for now. You can find more info on how best to navigate job interviews here;


Be something good to someone!



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