You will become very familiar with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in airport employment.The government is very detailed in qualifications for airport security screener jobs.

Employment Airport Security

In March of 2007 the TSA started a series of employee security operations at major airports around the country. About a year prior to this the TSA started random employee screening in secure areas at 20 airports. The Transportation Security Administrations security screens include…

  • random inspection of planes by security officials
  • increase random and unannounced employee screens in secure areas
  • behavior detection and random screens of passengers and employees at boarding gates
  • transportation security officials, federal air marshals, K-9 teams included throughout the airport

The TSA has had control of airport security jobs hiring since the September 11 2001 attacks.

In November of 2004 private companies under the Screening Partnership Program (SPP) were given hiring control for airport security screener jobs.

These jobs are typically referred to as transportation security screener jobs.

These private screening businesses are under contract to the TSA and have to be approved for the SPP program. This approval complies with the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), which requires private screening companies to offer benefits and compensation to employees hired for security screener jobs through them.

airport employment

Airport Security Employment

Federal airport security jobs can be applied for online. The Transportation Security Administrations website has part and full time postings of employment openings. The applicant must apply for the particular security job that’s currently open.

Job seekers can also apply by calling the TSA Recruitment Center. The Center has a TTY phone line for the hearing impaired.

Hello my name is Yancey and if I were interested in working as an airport security screener I would have to think long and hard about it.

These positions are considered Homeland Security jobs and you can expect to have an extensive criminal background check.

Applicants for airport security positions should expect to be fingerprinted, answer many security clearance questions, photographed and have their life turned inside out! Before you apply make sure you understand all the information about the position from the TSA website.

Only citizens or nationals of the United States can apply for employment airport security positions. The job seeker must have…

  • one year of full-time security experience, x-ray experience or aviation screening
  • a high school diploma
  • a (GED) diploma or equivalent

It is extremely important that you are prepared, have read and understand all the documentation about airport security positions as possible. The government is going to be very thorough in its interview process.

airport employment

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If you are considering airport employment in security you should know how the federal governments homeland security interests could affect your employee privacy rights and background checks.

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