Employment Drug Screening

When employee drug screening takes place in your workspace do you understand why?

Hello I’m Yancey and when I worked for a major electric power utility I asked myself that same question. I was ushered into a room and asked to pee in a cup with someone watching me. It was awkward and a little humiliating having to do that as a part of the job interview process!

Then the “tester” took the cup, sealed it and I never saw it again. Several days later I got a call offering me the job. I knew I could pass a drug test with no problem. Why? Because I knew I wasn’t using or abusing any substances. Most job seekers and employees are commonly drug tested as a “condition of employment”.

This means the employer has been given a legal right to ask you to submit to company drug testing. Most large companies have some type of pre employment drug testing program. Research shows that about two-thirds of all people hired submit to a pre employment drug screen.

An employer can require a job applicant to take a pre employment drug test even though there is NO reason to suspect drug use or abuse. The pre employment drug search should be conducted with respect to the job seeker and her privacy.

Job seekers can learn more about drug testing in pre employment by following this link.

Pre employment drug screening

employee drug screening

Employment drug testing rights

Employees have a right to privacy in most states. A drug testing program is legal when it respects the employees privacy rights. The specific type of drug screen and the way its done is also important. Most employers aren’t legally obligated to drug test employees.

A lot of states have laws that control or prevent employee drug testing. Employers who are non-union are typically allowed to require job seekers and employees to submit to employment drug testing. Some jobs have state and federal guidelines that make employment drug testing mandatory.

Companies can use a drug testing program to search for a variety of drugs. Employees should be aware that a drug test in employment can uncover issues that have nothing to do with a job. For example an employment drug screening may reveal that a job applicant is pregnant.

Job applicants and employees should understand the type of employment screening used. The reason and time the drug test procedure is done should not be overlooked. The different types of drug testing will usually be one of these.

Pre employment drug testing
this happens before you are hired as part of the application process

Workplace random drug testing
the employer surprises the employee with perhaps a cup to pee in!

For-cause drug testing
The company has a “reasonable suspicion” the employee is using or abusing drugs on the job

Scheduled drug testing
the employee is told when and where he will be asked to perhaps pee in a cup!

Post-accident drug testing
If there’s an on the job injury the employer may think drug use or abuse is involved

Rehabilitation drug testing
this is a drug recovery or return to work program

Safety-sensitive drug testing
this applies to employees like airline pilots, other transportation jobs, etc.

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Click this link to learn more about your workplace drug testing rights.

Employee drug screening rights

employee drug screening

Drug Test Marijuana

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in America. It is also number one when it comes to workplace drug screening. Marijuana is the leaves and flowers from the Cannabis sativa hemp plant. It is smoked the majority of the time. However, it is also eaten and brewed for tea. Marijuana can be detected in your body up to a month or longer.

The amount of time marijuana will stay in your body depends on things like how often and how much is ingested. Here are some other factors.

  • your metabolism (the amount of energy the body uses to function)
  • your age
  • your health
  • strength of the marijuana
  • other considerations
The commonly accepted timetable is 3-30 days after consumption. This is presuming that urine drug screening is the test method used. If hair follicle drug testing is done research shows marijuana can be detected in your system up to 3 years!

The best way to pass a drug test for marijuana is to not consume it! However, if you are a job seeker or employee and concerned about marijuana and drug tests, this link can help.

Marijuana drug tests

employee drug screening

A Saliva Drug Test at Work

Passing a saliva drug test is becoming more of a requirement in the workplace. Employers are drug testing saliva because it has advantages over other methods like drug testing urine or drug testing blood.

A drug in saliva test is less invasive and poses less of privacy problem. The “tester” simply uses a swab that looks like a toothbrush and collects a sample from the job seeker or employee's mouth. Saliva drug testing has the disadvantage of having a short drug testing detection time.

Most drugs tested evaporate or disappear from a drug in saliva test between 12 and 24 hours after use. Employers think saliva drug testing is ideal for uncovering current drug use. Businesses like to use this drug test method for post accident drug testing.

There is every indication that saliva drug screening will continue to increase in use by employers. If you want to know more about how this type of drug test can affect you click on this link.

Drug Saliva Test

employee drug screening

As an employee I understand the employer’s need to have an employee drug screening that leads to a drug free workplace. However, companies all too often forget that employees have a right to privacy and respect. That’s why educating ourselves about our basic employee rights is so important. Follow this link to learn more about Workplace drug screening.

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To learn more about…

  • Hair strand drug testing
  • Workplace random drug testing
  • drug detection times

…and how these and other employee drug testing issues affect employees everyday, follow this link.

Employment drug testing

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