Employment drug testing has become big business. The workplace is a hotbed of drug testing activity. It seems a drug testing company pops up every other day. Hello, I’m Yancey an employee who has also been drug tested.

Employers want and expect the people they hire are not having drug and alcohol issues.

The (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union calls drug testing in the workplace a “body search”. You know what, I have to agree with that. That’s why every job seeker and employee should learn what drug test law means to them. Follow this link to learn how knowing or not knowing your rights in employee drug testing law can affect you!

Drug Testing Law

Many employee advocates including myself believe workplace drug and alcohol testing may be a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment is designed to protect citizens from invasion of privacy and unreasonable “searches and seizures.” Searches involve government intrusion when a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Many experts think that having someone stand and watch you pee in a cup is government intrusion and violates your privacy. The Fourth Amendment by definition only restricts the federal government from doing unreasonable searches and seizures. See how this also affects job seekers who have to submit to pre employment drug testing.

The Fourteenth Amendment prevents individual states from taking away a citizens right to life, liberty and property except through due process with equal protection under the law. This link will show you why so many are concerned about workplace drug testing.

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employment drug testing

Random Drug Testing Policy

Random drug testing in employee work situations is considered a right and wrong approach. More and more businesses and organizations are using random drug testing programs. Different ways of drug and random testing include things like pulling names out of a box.

One reason random drug testing cases are in dispute is because it is difficult to prove the individual being tested was not intentionally selected. It is critically important that those of us in the workplace understand the process. This link to workplace random drug testing.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

There are different drug testing methods such as…
  • Urine samples (most common)
  • Saliva drug testing
  • Sweat drug screen
  • Blood test
  • Hair alcohol test
But the newest and most controversial method is hair sample drug testing. According to (NORML) the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws drug testing a hair sampling is “an ominous new technology…” NORML's research about a drug test hair analysis states, “While tests are highly sensitive to cocaine, their sensitivity to pot is not well established.” NORML also says that hair drug screening is discriminatory against Africans.

For more information about how hair drug testing works follow this link to hair strand drug testing.

employment drug testing

Drug Abuse Detection

When drugs are consumed they or their metabolites stay in you body for a certain period of time. The amount of time they can be found is called the detection of drug test times. The detection of drug use depends on various things like…

  • Regularity of use
  • The test method (urine, saliva, hair, etc.)
  • Cutoff levels
  • Other factors
As an employee I believe every employee should learn all they can about drug testing detection in the workplace. Following this link to drug detection times to learn why.

I’ve been an employee for over thirty years. I understand the employer’s need to have a drug free workplace. Companies more often than not forget that employees have rights too. Those rights involve privacy and respect. That’s why learning what our basic employee rights are is so important.

To learn more about…

  • Pre employment drug screening
  • employee drug screening rights
  • Marijuana drug tests
  • Drug saliva test

…and how these and other employment drug testing issues affect employees everyday, follow this link.

Employee drug screening

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