What is EAP?

Employees need to know! What does EAP stand for?

Hello I'm Yancey and like you I work for a living. What does EAP mean? Employee assistance program.

These programs can also include other services such as employee wellness programs. If you're like me and have a job you need to know about EAP.

Your employer may use one or a combination of these names to describe counseling, health and fitness services for employees and their qualified dependents who may have individual or work place troubles.

Definition of Employee Assistance Program

An employee assistance program provides businesses with the ability to recognize if we as employees are having problems that are negatively impacting our job performance. The EAP provides for well thought-out aid and support for the purpose of restoring us to an acceptable level of work. The employer may hire an outside company that specializes in these types of services. Alternatively it may design its own in house program(s) which may be better suited to its needs and more importantly yours!

These programs should deal with upsetting job and family issues like...

  • violence in the workplace
  • child care concerns
  • spousal problems
  • financial pressures
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • stress of elder family care
  • depression and anxiety
  • bereavement and stress
  • mental health concerns
to name a few.


Employee assistance programs regularly help workers deal with whats called critical incident intervention. These areas include deaths, suicides, hostages situations, major accidents and natural disasters, including fires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Employees need to know what does eap stand for concerning any eap costs of services they may have to pay

Employee Assistance Program

Before your employer can put into operation an employee assistance program, it has to find a competent, skilled and experienced employee assistance program service supplier.

There are many EAP provider organizations. The demand for services has grown, and the different types of services have evolved as well. Employee assistance services are provided by thousands of people employed by...

  • specialized EAP providers
  • hospital corporations
  • managed care facilities
  • mental health organizations
  • company in-house EAP professionals
  • other community agencies

...and are represented by membership organizations. There are two associations, the Employee Assistance Society Of North America (EASN) and the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) that have certification procedures for EAP companies.

There is also something called the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) examination that was generated by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC). This credential is recognized as the leading authority in the EAP industry.

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As employees we should pay close attention to the fact that there are no national licensing guidelines for EAP providers.

What does that mean for all of us who work for someone else for a living? Simply put, What you see is what you get! For example the goal of EAPs is to help both employees and employers. How that is accomplished happens in two ways...

Single-Issue Programs:
The objective of these programs is to aid only those workers impaired by a particular problem. They generally will not cost your employer very much. The drawback of single-issue programs is the possible negative consequence of you being branded an addict, drunk or weirdo. Managers also lean to look for signs of abuse and not poor work performance. These programs don't offer any prevention which is their biggest limitation.
Broad-Brush Programs:
Just as the name sounds, these programs offer assistance to workers dealing with many types of issues. The biggest advantage of these programs is their early detection and prevention qualities. Unfortunately they are normally more expensive than the single-issue programs.


Eap in the Workplace

Education! The employees need to know.

The majority of employees are not well informed about treatment programs, community agencies, or even self-help groups. You must be informed upfront and seek available services, their benefits and the effectiveness of these programs where you live.

Therefore it is imperative that your company provide simple easy to understand and detailed information about its employee assistance program. For us as employees it can be embarrassing and intimidating to seek or apply for assistance from the company EAP.


There is also an issue of trust, which leads to the question of confidentiality or privacy of the EAP.

Employees must have trust in the eap confidentiality of the process

Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Programs are growing in attractiveness to businesses. As another human resource tool it should be designed to help employees in need. Companies who genuinely care for their workforce, and take advantage of these programs realize positive results. When EAPs operate as intended, we employees enjoy…
  • increased productivity
  • longevity with the company
  • less complaints with management
  • less disciplinary problems
  • an attitude of being appreciated
...and will recommend these programs to friends and family.

If you work for a small business it may hire an outside company to perform some of its human resource activities such as health insurance, payroll and workers compensation. This practice is commonly called outsourcing and may be less expensive.

Employee Assistance Program Savings are important to a business large or small.


EAPs can mean savings for the employer and benefits for you!

Developing an employee assistance program can be pricey for the employer. They are also considered compensation to the employee. Therefore well-organized and effective control of costs, savings and eap statistics of program effectiveness should ensure the best results for all concerned.


The Eap Questions and Answers page is a great place to learn more about EAPs. I"m an employee who took the time to become familiar with Employee Assistance Programs. I now know how to maximize this workplace benefit. If you also work for a living you owe it to yourself to investigate these pages!

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