Pre Employment Background Checks

I’m an employee, I work for someone else. I know how important a pre employment background check is to employees and employers. My passion is to help fellow employees raise their awareness of the changes that are rapidly taking place in the workplace!

Employees should understand the reason for a background check. Employer concerns of whom they hire can be for different reasons. Follow this link to learn more about an employee background check. Businesses and organizations are not legally required to perform a pre employment check on job seekers.

Pre Employment Background Investigation

Nonetheless, companies are accountable for ensuring the safety of their customers and employees. Businesses whose employees commit crimes can be sued for negligent hiring and negligent referral. Every employee should know how these two areas could affect them. Follow this link to my pre employment background investigation page for more info.

Hello! my name is Yancey and I’m a Jr. If you’ve ever had problems with credit bureaus, IRS and others you understand the trials and tribulations of being a “Jr”. These agencies and others commonly have inaccurate and false information in their files.

pre employment background check

Incorrect information can show up in a pre employment check that might cost you a job! According to the (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union, consumers are faced with a huge lack of privacy in society. A large amount of data is collected and spread everyday. However, the percentage of info that’s accurate is low.

The ACLU maintains that “Institutions are built for keeping tabs on people, but there are no checks and balances to ensure that people are treated fairly when the information is wrong.” What that says to me as an employee is I better learn all I can about pre employee background checks.

The (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act gives employees some protection against not getting a job because of background check information that’s incorrect or false. Unfortunately, it may not be enough. Learn more about how the FCRA may help by following this link. Employee Background Check Info

I have worked for a bank, a major power utility, a pharmaceutical company and local government. I’m used to background and employment verification checks. The pharmaceutical company I worked for also required that I pass a (DEA) Drug Enforcement Agency security background search.

pre employment background check

I passed, but it was broad and detailed. There were several written tests designed to ask the same question at least five different ways. The verbal interview itself was also very extensive.

Some people I know would be very intimidated and uncomfortable with the background check and employee pre testing I’ve had. Remember employment background searches may dig up false, misleading or meaningless information about you!

Pre Employment Background Search

A background employment search can be as simple as checking your social security number to opening up your entire life! An employee background search may come from an illegitimate source. There are also instances when a search of employment background check may be used unlawfully in the hiring process.

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As employees we should know exactly what employers are looking for and want to know about us. Sometimes companies use investigators for background searches. This link will show you what companies and organizations want to find out about you!

Pre Employment Background Search

My new sites provides the MOST current changes affecting career seekers and employees. Some employers are constantly working to take away the rights of employees. Follow this link to EMPLOYEE RIGHTS GUIDE and EMPLOYEE WORKPLACE RIGHTS for the latest employee news you can use!

The easiest way to learn more about a Pre Employment Background Check, is to simply enter your search term in the Google search box below.

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What matters to to help my fellow employee!

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