Are You A Target For Termination?

How to recognize If You Have Become A Target For Employment Termination

Are You A Target For Termination? is the first installment in the "Learn What To Do If The Employer Is Setting You Up For Termination" series


You come to work one day among many days and suddenly something doesn't "feel" quite right.

You've just learned a co-worker and friend you've worked with for the last 7 years is leaving with no explanation.

Then it dawns on you that over the previous 2 years there's been a high rate of turnover.

People leave jobs for various reasons. Some for "greener pastures", layoffs, firings, retirement, illness and death. However, after doing a bit of investigating you find that now most people are just leaving or being terminated. You also notice their employment with the company only lasts about 4 years.

You start to see a pattern developing and start to wonder if this is some strategy your employer has "cooked up". Your mind is clicking, things are staring to become clear. You wonder if you're just being paranoid or there really is a reason why many co-workers have been treating you differently lately.

They tend to avoid interacting with you the way they once did. There is a distinct "chill in the air" that you can almost feel when you walk into a room where some of them are gathered. The conversation quickly stops and they find reasons to disappear leaving you alone.

Are You A Target For Termination?

Target For Wrongful Termination

You start to wonder if you have a bulls eye on your back begging to be shot by a "You're Fired!" bullet?  Are You A Target For Termination?

Unfortunately, all too often when employees suspect they are targets they usually are and the set up process is already in motion.

How Do You Identify And Recognize That You May Be Targeted?

The following are some of the most obvious signs your job may be in jeopardy...

----> YOU no longer receive any or the same level of training as co-workers doing the same job.

----> YOU are denied a promotion and your current position is scheduled to be phased out in a year.

----> YOUR supervisor starts "forgetting" to inform you of important meetings causing you to miss them.

----> YOUR job location is changed and you are more or less isolated from other co-workers.

----> YOUR supervisor starts micro-managing almost everything thing you do.

----> YOUR excellent job evaluations since you've been with the company suddenly "needs improvement".

----> YOU no longer get that 5 minute "grace" period for starting your job at 8:00am instead of 8:02am

----> YOU are charged with training new personnel for the created "extra" position like yours to "share" the workload.

----> YOU are increasingly told in private meetings with your manager about complaints concerning your work.

----> YOU are falsely accused of various things by co-workers

If any of the above sounds familiar that old saying, "It's better to be safe than sorry" should kick in. You may indeed be on your bosses "hit list" for termination.

Do You Believe the Employer Has Devised A Plan To Terminate You?

Are You A Target For Termination?

Target For Employment Termination

Believe it or not most employers are afraid of being sued. Even though they usually expect the job applicant and employee to be ignorant of their Basic Employee Rights.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the workforce has little or no clue about their rights. Therefore employers are more comfortable violating them.

However, most companies don't want to risk ending up in court. Thus they want to build what they believe is a "foolproof" plan to show you the door. They realize that a really good "execution" for your termination has to be carefully and thoughtfully implemented over a period of time.

Many employers will devise weapons against you such as...

---> "creating" evidence against YOU

---> outright lying on and to YOU

---> cleverly manipulate documentation about YOU

---> blatantly forge signatures including YOURS!

---> even recruit customers and vendors against YOU!

Now, the more litigation conscious employers will try to avoid these tactics for the most part. However, depending on how badly they want to get rid of you the more they may be willing to risk. Which brings us to how the employers plan of attack has to be well coordinated. In the criminal justice world there's what's called "conspiracy".

This simply means, "A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." Conspiracy is itself a criminal offense whether the intended crime is carried out or not. For example, I and two other people could plan to rob a bank and then go buy guns to use during the robbery. We could be charged with conspiracy to commit bank robbery, even though we never actually rob the bank or even attempt to rob the bank.

Lawfully purchasing guns is not a crime, but it supports the conspiracy to commit a crime. Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no equally severe penalty for the "conspiracy" which routinely takes place all day everyday in the American workplace. As the conspiracy definition explains a "group" meaning two or more individuals must be involved working together to accomplish the same goal.

So who exactly are the "workplace conspirators" that work as a "group" to accomplish the goal of justly or unjustly taking away a majority portion of your professional and financial livelihood?

Are You A Target For Termination?

Target For Corporation Wrongful Termination

The Workplace Conspiracy Group

Every organization or employer has it's own unique business culture or "common mindset".

These involve potential "conspirators" who function in various ways. Depending on the size of the employer, typical conspirators are...

---> Owners

---> Corporate Executives

---> Upper - Middle - Lower Managers

---> Attorneys

---> Human Resources

---> Co-workers

There are also unusual "workplace conspirators" that I mentioned before...

---> Vendors or Suppliers

---> Customers or Clients

---> Family relatives of the typical "workplace conspirators"

The "workplace conspiracy" mindset is very real. Never assume it's fiction or the paranoia of disgruntled or terminated employees. I can prove by my own professional experience of being a target for termination by the "common mindset".

A former employer assumed I was unaware or did not care if I was aware of my (ADAAA) Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Act rights and tried to intimidate me with termination. The reason being I insisted on requesting an accommodation. After several failed and feeble attempts to "punk me off" I received an official organization legal sized envelope which contained a letter with gold braid letterhead.

The document was addressed to me from the following "common mindset" cast of characters in their original order and title (The names are omitted)......

Mr. A - County Executive (Mayor)

Mr. B - County Attorney

Ms. C - Asst. County Attorney

Mr. D - Asst. County Attorney

Mr. E - Finance Division Director

Mr. F - Asst. Finance Division Director

Ms. G - Finance Division

Mr. H - Human Resource Director

Ms. I - Human Resource ADA Coordinator

Mr. J - Information Technology Director

Mr. K - Information Technology Operations Manager

Now that's a lot of alphabets! Oh yes, this employer was local government, that's right local government. There was no doubt they answered the question, "Are You a Target for Termination?" The content of the letter from this "group" was in essence a "Do What We Say Or Else" termination threat.

In this case "the or else" was back off seeking my ADAAA rights. When I called they're bluff by not doing so the "group" set a "trap" requiring me to demonstrate and prove why I needed an accommodation to perform a specific job function. This trap "blew up" in their faces causing them to cease their attack on my ADAAA rights.

Are You A Target For Termination?

Target For Employee Termination

Documentation Is The Name Of The Game!

I'll preach it until I can't preach it anymore. Real Estate agents proclaim location, location, location.

Internet Marketers preach information, information, information.

Every attorney and employee rights advocate knows it's about documentation, documentation, documentation, documentation!

Proper documentation is critical to both the employer and the employee. How that documentation is generated is also important. As an employee you want your documentation to be accurate, credible, rock solid with lots of it. Great employee documentation can put a bad employer on the wrong end of a successful lawsuit.

Employees should use documents such as memos, emails, social media, tape recordings, notes, witnesses, etc. to aid in proving they have been unjustly targeted for termination. On the flip side of that coin employees must know that employers will also use documentation against them.

Whoever has the most provable and verifiable documentation will most likely  prevail in front of a judge and/or jury. Certain kinds of documentation that "workplace conspirators" will try to build against you include....

----> phone records

----> social media

----> time or key cards

----> your trash

----> your interoffice mail

----> performance reviews

----> co-workers (snitches, "brown nosers")

When your boss suddenly wants you to agree with and sign any and every document he generates related to your work, that's a huge red flag that you've been targeted. I never signed anything I wasn't legally obligated to. When the employer pressed the issue I asked for a copy to read and make sure I understand it for a day or two. I used this time to have a lawyer review it.  Are You A Target For Termination?

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Are You A Target For Termination?

The information on this page is priceless to arm yourself by recognizing are you a target for termination.

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