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Basic Employee Rights Articles

The American Workplace - "Us" Versus "Them"
In my view, there has always been a divide between employer and employee. This has spawned the necessity for all the various employment laws and labor unions. The workplace is becoming more adversarial everyday.
Follow this link for the full The American Workplace article.

Companies Self-Destruct When Workplace Bullies Run Amok!
According to Wikipedia workplace bullying, "is the tendency of individuals or groups to use persistent aggressive or unreasonable behavior against a co-worker." From my workplace experience, I have witnessed bullying of customers, vendors, visitors and other interested parties!
Follow this link for the full Workplace Bullies article.

Properly Preparing For an Interview Makes You Feel Brand New!
Poorly prepared job interviews spell bad news! Preparing for an interview is important to you. Preparing for a job interview gives the job seeker an edge. Prepare for job interviews and the job you will not lose. Interview preparation is a must.
Follow this link for the full Prepare For Interview article.

Employee Free Choice Act - To "At Will" Or Not to "At Will" That is the Question!
A growing number of lawmakers in both dominant political parties support the (EFCA) Employee Free Choice Act. Why? This Act is designed to empower employees to easily create unions free from harassment and intimidation from management.
Follow this link for the full Employee Free Choice Act article.

How to Make a Resume
Creating an effective resume is an essential part of job interview success. This article provides excellent tips on how to make a resume.
Follow this link for the full How to make a resume article.

How to Prove Workplace Discrimination Without Hesitation NEW!
This prove workplace discrimination article exposes the hidden discrimination in the workplace that At Will employment doctrine refuses to face.
Follow this link for the full How to prove workplace discrimination article.

Job Interview Assembly Line NEW!
Interviewer burnout can ruin the interview process. Learn why being last in line of all interviewees may hurt job seekers and employees.
Follow this link for the full Job interview assembly line article.

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