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Dear Career Seeker and Employee,

Basic Employee Rights eNewsletter is fast becoming an indispensable resource for everyone including myself that works for a living. This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date on all the changes that affect your basic employee rights. We do all the research, keep only what’s useful, write it in plain everyday English and pass it on to you. As a valued subscriber to Basic Employee Rights eNews you will have access to tips, workplace resources, latest changes in employment issues and more all FREE!

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Here are some events that are going to effect the workplace for years to come;

  • Worsening economy
  • Global competition
  • Illegal immigration
  • Job outsourcing
  • Corporate corruption

Any or all of these factors and more can and will affect not only our ability to get a job, but also to keep a job! Every issue of Basic Employee Rights eNewsletter is delivered to your email inbox in a straightforward easy to read manner. Here are some of the important workplace questions you should be asking yourself.

(1) Do you know about the recent changes to the (FMLA) Family and Medical Leave Act?

(2) Do you know what a 360 Feedback appraisal is and why more employers are using it?

(3) Do you know how to prove workplace discrimination?

(4) Were you aware that your credit rating is going to play a greater role in your ability to get and keep employment?

Your Basic Employee Rights eNewsletter will answer these and many more questions essential to your workplace experience. My pledge to you is to only provide relevant info to your workplace experience. Remember I'm also an employee with a family to feed. Therefore I'm going make sure my research and ongoing training stays on top of the changes in basic workplace rights.

If at any time you are not satisfied with what Basic Employee Rights eNewsletter has to offer, ending your subscription is just a click away. To start your subscription immediately;

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