A creatine drug test is used to see if job seekers and employees are providing an honest sample.

Let’s see, you’ve been interviewed for the new job and now the company tells you that drug testing for employment is required.

So they march you into a room and tell you to put on a hospital gown. The “tester” hands you a sealed sterile cup to pee in.

Millions of job applicants and employees are pressured into a screening for drug testing each year. Since I Yancey am also an employee I’m going to always educate myself about my basic employee rights. Therefore I’m going to learn all I can about things like creatine drug testing.

Urine testing for drug use or abuse has become routine as a part of the process of getting a job. It is also a part of the process of keeping a job. Because of this many people “cheat” to pass a urine drug test. From the beginning of employee urine drug testing the number of companies offering products on how to pass a drug test have grown.

Cheating in drug testing and urine samples is an ever growing problem. Adulteration is the word used when cheating a drug test. Job seekers and employees adulterate urine testing for drug abuse every day. Adulteration is manipulating or tampering with a urine sample to change the drug test outcome.

creatine drug testing

A urine sample for drug test adulteration is done by…
  • dilution
  • addition
  • substitution
Dilution is basically “watering down” the urine sample so the drug tested for will not meet the amount required to register as a drug test positive result. This measurement of drugs tested for is called its cutoff level. Cutoff levels are the minimum concentrations of a drug or its metabolite that’s present before the testing lab will give the employer a positive drug test report.

Learn more about drug test levels, metabolites and how they can affect you the job seeker or employee. Follow this link to pre employment drug testing. Sometimes job applicants and employees will swap out or substitute their original urine sample with a “clean” one to pass urine drug testing.

There are what’s called masking drugs that can be added to get a clean urine drug test. When a urine sample is diluted it can produce a false negative urine test. An employer will routinely hire a business to perform it’s company drug test. These businesses will test to see if any masking drugs are present. They also look for these features found in urine…

  • specific gravity
  • pH
  • creatine
  • nitrites
  • oxcidants
  • glutaraldehyde
These features are tested for to see if they are at normal levels. Creatine is a substance that is made by the body and used to store energy. It is an amino acid found in muscle tissue and urine. Creatinine is waste produced by creatine. Levels of creatinine and specific gravity that are low is a red flag for adulterated or diluted urine drug samples.

creatine drug testing

Some persons trying to beat a creatine drug test will drink a lot of water beforehand. Taking a diuretic which increases the flow of urine ‘flushes” the body system. Flushing and dilution can cause specific gravity and creatinine levels to be below normal. That’s why checking for creatine and specific gravity are good checks for flushing and dilution.

Specific gravity is simply the density of a substance compared to the density of water. For example, there is a ratio of three boys to two girls in a class (3/2, 3:2). Thus specific gravity will test for how much a drug has been “watered down” in water or urine. Beating a drug test is why many job applicants and employees drink tons of water and all kinds of herbal teas.

Learning how urine drug testing works involves the good and the bad. Job seekers and employees should be educated to the process. However, those who are using and abusing drugs that companies test for will continue to try to beat a drug test. Drug test cheaters find ways to keep specific gravity and creatinine at acceptable levels using methods like..

  • creatine supplements
  • riboflavin
  • vitamin B (niacin)

When creatinine is low or not present this helps drug testing labs to spot adulterated or diluted drug samples. Employees and job applicants who don’t use or abuse drugs should be aware of the following facts. High protein foods like red meat and engaging in sexual activity can increase your creatinine levels! This means that job seekers and employees who don’t use or abuse drugs may lose their jobs because of abnormal creatinine levels.

creatine drug test

As time goes on the sophistication of drug testing policies that companies use in creatine drug tests will get better and better. What does that mean for the job seeker and employee? Education is the key and applied knowledge is wisdom…that assumes of course that you want a job or want to keep a job!

To learn more about how drug testing in the workplace can affect you follow this link to workplace drug testing.

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