Employment Contract Form

Employees should be aware of what an employment contract example looks like. What is an employment contract? An employment contract is an agreement that’s written between the employer and the employee. This contract outlines the job functions and expectancies of both employees and employers.

Employees should know that companies that seek to force a one-sided employment contract could find themselves in legal hot water. The employee agreement is terminated if the employee was pressured to sign the contract. Contracts of employment are routinely used to resolve certain disputes involving specific parts of the contract.

Employees should be aware that a contract employee agreement is not uniform. Employers may understand that different positions should be rewarded in different ways. Companies can use an employment agreement to reduce the potential harm to their business by former employees. Non-disclosure, non-compete and no solicitation clauses protect the employer’s customer dealings and business secrets.

Depending on the law in your state, a contract that’s unreasonable or to broad may be struck down by a court of law. An employment agreement contract should only be used for a justifiable business reason. Compensation for work performed should be practical and paid only when finished. As an employee I would want to know that my pay lines up with my job duties.

employment contract example

Sample Employment Contract

Companies are usually advised to keep wording in employment agreements that have an "at will" tone. Employers don’t want employment contracts to be perceived by the employee as permanent. Setting a period of time on contracts of employment is one way employers accomplish this. Follow this link for info on employment at will states.

It should also outline when the employee and employer can terminate the contract and for what reason. Situations involving fraud, embezzlement, dishonesty, etc. would be examples of “for cause”. Employees may want to check to see if employment contracts are available in their state.

Employers and employees should work to together to create a contract of employment with the goal of designing a clearly outlined set of job duties and expectations. All potential situations may be covered but confusion and conflict should be minimized. This may in turn lessen the likelihood of employee lawsuits.

Employees may want to inquire about inclusion of severance pay in an employment contract. Is the severance package uniform to all employee contracts? What if any are the eligibility requirements of severance pay if the employee leaves? It’s important for employees to have clearly written guidelines because experts say courts tend to favor employers in the event of a dispute.

employment contract example

Employment Contract Forms

An employment agreement form may come in different sizes and different forms. Some or all employees may be asked to sign the same contract. The employer may have specific contracts for specific positions within the company. There may be an oral agreement, but I would never accept that form of contract!

There may be an implied contract because of the working relationship between the employer and the employee. There are common parts of most employment agreements such as employment date, benefits and pay. Employees who may be asked to sign a employment contract should be aware of the other provisions that can included.

I would always consult with an attorney or other qualified employment expert before I sign or agree to the terms of any employment agreement. Here is a list of some terms that can be included.
  • Termination
  • Arbitration
  • Exclusive Employment
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Exclusive Employment
  • Ownership of Inventions
  • Non Competition Agreement
There are also other employment contract features that can be used as well.

employment contract example

If your employer wants to enter into an employment contract, make sure what’s promised. It could be difficult and costly for both sides without a clearly written document. Here’s another employment contract example. employment agreement form.

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