Job Interview Thank You Note

Interview thank you notes may make the difference between you getting the job or getting the want ads. One of the best kept secrets in job search is sending a thank you note after an interview! The majority of job interview specialists agree that anyone looking for a job has got to send thank you notes after all interviews.

Research shows that only about five percent of job applicants use a thank you note for a job interview. Those that do will have a big edge over the competition for the same job. An interview thank you note shows the employer you are a professional who wants to get the job.

The thank you note should be written right after the interview and sent no later than 24 hours. Send thank you notes for interviews to all people you meet in the interview. This includes receptionists, supervisors, managers, customer service clerks and everyone! If you know the company uses email and the interviewer approves then its fine to communicate that way.

Thank you notes should even be sent to the people who may be doing the job you want! A thank you note should be given to anyone who helped you in the job interview. If using email is appropriate then send a thank you note to all involved but always follow up with thank you notes or cards.

interview thank you notes

Writing Thank You Notes

When writing a thank you note for interviews here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always address the job interview note to the person or persons who spoke with you.
  • Make each thank you note unique and different.
  • Always use good quality stationary.
  • Never forget to sign it!

The after interview thank you job note can help you spotlight important points brought up by the interviewer during the interview. Most companies will keep you in mind long after the job interview when a thank you note is sent. Even if you do not get that particular job, leaving a positive impression will put you in the forefront for other possible employment opportunities with the company.

Here are some more tips for writing an interview note of thanks:

  • Hand written notes are far more personal.
  • Always keep the thank you notes short.
  • The thank you note for a job interview gives you an opportunity for further contact with the employer.
  • Compliment the interviewer in a professional and appropriate way.
  • Make sure you keep the thank you note upbeat, honest and positive.
  • Add the time and date of your follow up.
  • At the end thank the interviewer again for the job interview.
  • Reinforce your qualifications as the one who is right for the position.

interview thank you notes

An after interview for a job note of thanks goes a long way to helping you get the job! The employer will start thinking about you as the best person for the job when you do the unusual.

Your job interview is not finished until you have evaluated the interview and hand delivered, mailed or emailed interview thank you notes to all the people you encountered in the job interview process. A Thank you note is usually shorter and less formal than an interview thank you letter.

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Both can be in customary business type, but a handwritten thank you note or card adds a personal touch. Learn more about thank you notes on my thank you note samples page.

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