By Alan Murray

How to make a resume is one of the most important tools in your job hunting experience. Without an effective way to make a resume, you will receive no calls for interview and you will end up where you started –unemployed. You see, your resume is like an invitation. When you send your resume to your potential employer, you are inviting them to employ you. If your resume does not provide a very good first impression about you, there is no point in sending it. Below are some tips that you should consider when making your resume:

Emphasize your skills

During the early days, resumes begin with long narratives about your personal life. This often includes your name, birthday, vital statistics, age, and other personal data that are otherwise meaningless for your employer. If you want to attract the attention of your potential employer, make sure that your resume highlights your knowledge and skills that are highly needed for the position that you want.

Give emphasis on your qualifications

After your skills and know-how, give due emphasis to your qualifications. This may include your list of certifications that definitely makes you highly eligible for the job that you want. List down your qualifications from the most relevant experience to the least essential credential for the job.

Quantify your experience and your capabilities

In order to provide your potential employer with a clear idea on what you are capable of doing, you should quantify your experience. If you list down your skills and experiences, make sure that you also enumerate the number of years that you have spent with that particular experience. Also, if you noted that you have produced books, then you should list down the number of books that you have written. If you noted that you managed a certain team, then you should also include the number of people that are included in that team.

Be concise but complete

When you make a resume do not bombard your resume with unnecessary details. If you fill your resume with details that are not essential for your employment, they will not read it and your resume will just go straight to the paper bin. Make sure that your resume is highly organized. Put information that will promote your capabilities and skills. Go straight to the point.

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