...affect you. Employees should know what EAP statistics mean to them. Hello, I’m Yancey and I’ve learned that employee assistance programs can help employees and their families overcome various workplace and personal problems. When employees first meet with an EAP counselor, they are informed about EAP confidentiality.

Employees are the lifeblood of any legitimate business and should be appreciated. For the company the worker is an investment that’s critical to staying in business. The EAP service should provide statistical information to the company while protecting the confidentiality of the employee. The employer is given formal reporting on a regular basis. However, what is reported must not identify specific employees.


An extremely important EAP feature is the means to notice patterns in a range of areas in the workforce including...

  • legal issues
  • financial problems
  • depression
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • child abuse
  • coping with grief and bereavement
  • workplace violence
...and recognize whatever assistance that’s required.

eap statistics

Workplace conditions reinforce various studies that reveal...
  • the adult population shows signs of significant stress in excess of 10%
  • employee alcoholics absenteeism is two to four times that of other workers
  • workplace distress accounts for the overwhelming majority of documented accidents
  • violence on the job is escalating with regularity resulting in victims facing increased psychological issues
  • businesses lose many billions of dollars yearly to drug and alcohol abuse from workers compensation claims, accidents, absenteeism and unacceptable job performance
  • over 20% of employees have considerable impairment owing to personal issues while they are employed

When employee assistance programs are used, studies reveal...

  • job loss was avoided by two thirds of those employees involved
  • a company’s workers compensation, drug, medical and disability costs can be reduced by its EAP
  • since the attacks of 9-11, a third of businesses have increased their EAP services, resulting in a large percentage of employees with improved attitudes
  • a net savings after costs of almost 2 million dollars was realized by the US Postal Service
These are just a few of the statistics reflecting the effectiveness of EAPs that operate as intended.

eap statistics

Think twice about "Free"

Employee Assistance Programs

A Study shows that numerous medical and disability carriers, health insurance companies along with payroll organizations are moving into the behavioral health care field. These companies as a part of their central plans are making available “free” EAP services.

However, this poses a problem because behavioral health care is not the chief center of attention of a company such as a disability carrier which limits the types of services provided to the employer, versus what a licensed and specialized EAP offers.

For the company and for you the employee, one of the most important functions of an EAP is detecting trends in the workforce as mentioned above. EAP statistical data when received by employers should give them a clear picture of what their employees are dealing with. This data should also help the company in identifying and providing specific assistance.

eap statistics

Many of the “free” EAPs do not provide statistical reports revealing patterns of different types of employee problems. For example, 10% of a company’s workforce could be having substance abuse issues. Without detailed reporting and review by the EAP, the employer and YOU the employee would be at a disadvantage in understanding and effectively dealing with the problem.

A lot of the “free” employee assistance programs only offer phone sessions. Since there is no face-to-face meeting in the privacy of the counselor’s office the results for the employee may not be very beneficial. If the employee cannot thrash out his/her problem in person with the EAP representative these programs can hurt more than help the workforce.

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As an employee I'm going to make sure I understand exactly what type of EAP my company uses and the figures that show how effective the program is. My eap questions page can help you understand the statistical trends of potential personal or workplace troubles you may see in co-workers or yourself.

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