Employee background check questions, what do they mean to you ? Anyone that works for someone else for a living may find out the hard way! Background checks are becoming more intrusive in the workplace. Hello I'm Yancey and I typically update this page with answers to your employee background check questions.

What is a background check?
How do I prepare for a background check?
Who does the background check?
Why do companies perform background checks?

What is a background check?
This is a procedure for looking up business and formal records of an individual. Checks are typically conducted on job seekers requiring security clearance like a school or a bank. Background checks normally consist of the following: Performing these checks is essential to making informed decisions about an individual, particularly in hiring. Unfortunately illegal and inappropriate use can involve violation of privacy and identity theft.
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employee background checks questions

How do I prepare for a background check?
If I’m looking for a job, I don't want to be blindsided by the unexpected and neither does the potential employer. Here are the steps I would take beforehand.
  • Conduct my own background check. I want to know what a company may be looking for about me. I can verify whether the information is true or false and correct it. I can hire a company or go online and search for what employers would look for.

  • I would tell family, friends and associates, they may be contacted about me. That way they won’t be leery of a stranger questioning them out of the blue about me.

  • Look for any court records. If there have been problems, such as any arrests, convictions, etc., be sure the records are accurate.

employee background check questions

  • Try to get a copy of your personnel file from former job. California law allows you to access to personnel files for year from the date of last employment and affords you the opportunity to make copies that have your signature on them. Your state may have a similar law that gives access to your employee files.

  • Get a copy of your credit report. I can’t stress this strongly enough. I can’t begin to tell you the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through because of erroneous information on my credit report. If there is anything that looks strange or false, dispute it with the credit bureaus. Things like the wrong name or incorrect social security number can be listed. I want to be aware of possible identity theft and protect my privacy rights.

  • Carefully review before signing. Companies can be very clever and intimidating in how they conduct the application process. You be asked to sign a release for a background check when you hand in the job application, if you decline you may not get the job. I'm going to make sure to ask questions and get clear answers before I sign anything.

  • Verify driving records. DUI an DWI are not considered to be misdemeanors. Don't forget to check yes to the question on the application about conviction of crime or misdemeanor, even if it was a long time ago. I would get a copy of my driving record from the Department of Motor vehicles.

  • Try to get a previous background check copy. You may elgible to receive a copy, if the check involved the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). The request can made to the employer who made the check or the background check service hired by the employer.

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employee background check questions

Who does the background check?
The internet allows companies to gather a large amount of information themselves. However, this can cause problems if the employer uses a website that advertises about expertise in looking up anyone. Some of these online services may comply with state and federal guidelines concerning background checks.

Businesses that concentrate on employee background checks are numerous. Sometimes big companies have contracts with these background check organizations. A lot of these companies are also private investigators. There are many affordable employee background checks organizations. I've seen prices starting at $10 and up. The cost of the background check depends on the type of check and how extensive it is.

Why do companies perform background checks?
In a nutshell, employers want to know that you are who you say you are. The degree of background check depends on the what job your are seeking. Airport and school employees undergo extensive screenings.

Companies don't want to get into legal trouble for negligent hiring, which could result in criminal activity and violence in the workplace. That's why criminal background checks are important as well. Issues of terrorism, identity theft, corporate fraud, child and elder abuse are also important concerns. Therefore employers are concerned about being thorough and careful about who gets hired.
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employee background check questions

I routinely update this page so check back often. Please feel free to let me know what employee background check questions and answers you want to see by contacting me.

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