School employee background checks are required in some form by all states.

Every school employee and potential employee should know why and what to expect.

Checking the professional quality of an individual seeking a position at your local school is usually a routine process. However, checking the moral quality of the individual is not as routine.

Background Check For a School Employee

The type of background check is different from one state to another. Police checks are required in some, and others require an FBI check. Exactly who gets checked and when is different as well. An employee criminal background check is typically conducted at a bare minimum for teachers and other school personnel.
School systems around the country will conduct an...

employee criminal background...

check for obvious reasons.

Studies show that school employees commit crimes during their employment. The job history of an applicant is often missed or incomplete.

It has been demonstrated that 30-40 percent of job applications contain erroneous information. Hello my name is Yancey and as a parent and employee I am very concerned about the school employee screening process.

My mission is to help every employee understand their basic rights. I have the utmost respect for those honorable men and women who are genuinely committed to educating and guiding our children.

This page is dedicated to assisting those who have or seek a career in the education field to be aware of what to expect when they are asked to submit to a background check.

school employee background checks

Within the last 25 years there has been several hundred thousand cases of child abuse. Of that number only a fraction has involved school employees. As a result of these findings education organizations and lawmakers advocate the privacy rights of job seekers.

Because of the level of trust given to those involved in educating our children, discovering that a teacher or other school employee is a convicted felon can be unsettling. Learning that someone was fired for a crime in one district and gets hired somewhere else is cause for concern.

Employees and educational job seekers should understand that a background check for school employee positions is going to become more intense and potentially intrusive.

Even though these cases of abuse involving school employees are relatively few, they are magnets for public attention.

Even though these cases of abuse involving school employees are relatively few, they are magnets for public attention. Appropriate pre employment background checks of potential school employees works in the best interests of the applicant and most importantly the children.

school employee background checks

A criminal background check for teachers

A lot of states make FBI checks required for teacher certification. States like California have mandatory fingerprint checks of job seekers for all education jobs. Some officials suggest that when the well-being of children is considered, no level of background check is too much. Studies show that small school districts don’t screen applicants as extensively as larger districts.

Teacher Background Check

They tend to rely on references and unofficial sources. Large school districts tend to use bureaucratic procedures that include criminal history checks. According to Roy Einreinhofer, many states make mandatory licensing renewal and recertification every 3 to 5 years for teachers. In the renewal process teachers take background checks.

Other school employees are usually covered under state laws that require updates at different times. These also vary state to state. Mr. Einreinhofer is the executive director of the National Association of State Directors of Teachers Education and Certification (NASDTEC)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says states should conduct national fingerprint checks on all employees who have contact with children including…

  • teachers
  • volunteers
  • contractors
  • other school employees
… regardless of a licensing check. The center also recommends checks on all new employees, volunteers and contractors before they start work.

The center also wants to see checks on present employees every year or two afterwards which is more frequent than most states mandate.

school employee background checks

Education officials are required to also verify the employment and educational records of all applicants. The human resource department typically conducts these checks and proves the accuracy of all completed pre-employment forms. There is every indication that school employee background checks will become more intense and intrusive for those who seek employment in that profession.

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The concern for child abuse, identity theft, domestic and foreign terrorism among others, will only add to this issue. If and when school employment becomes a career for me, learning everything I can about the school employee background checks process will make perfect sense. My questions and answers page provides additional information.

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