Employment Background Investigation

A Pre employment background investigation is frequently performed to help companies learn about a potential employee’s background. Research has shown that up to 20 percent of job applicants give false or misleading information on their applications for employment.

Some of the common areas of misleading info involve…
  • false dates of employment
  • criminal history
  • untrue reasons for leaving previous employment
  • domestic violence or abuse
  • problems with credit history
Hello my name is Yancey and I’ve worked for private businesses, local governments and federal agencies. In each case I have witnessed first hand how a bad pre employment check can hurt not only the business but most importantly the employees!

As employees we should be aware of the changes taking place in the workplace. There are two growing areas of concern for employers and employee alike. These two issues are negligent hiring and negligent referral.

pre employment background investigation

Employment Background Investigations

Negligent Hiring
Employers can be held responsible for the criminal activities of their employees

Negligent Referral
Employers can be held responsible for not disclosing key information about ex-employees.

The background investigation of job seekers has become critical because of these two issues.

An example of a negligent hiring scenario:

Joe Smith hired by ABC Inc. as a cable TV installer assaults and rapes a female customer while installing cable service in her home. The employee had a criminal record of assault and drug abuse.

A court could rule that the cable company was negligent because it should have found out about Joe through a pre employment background investigation or an employee criminal background check.

An example of a negligent referral scenario:

The family of the female customer beaten and raped by Joe of ABC Inc. sues his former employer 123 Inc. for only providing ABC Inc. with what’s called a standard reference. This means 123 Inc. only gave basic information to ABC Inc.

No detailed data involving Joe’s physical fights with co-workers while at 123 Inc. and his on the job drug abuse. Why? A lot of businesses and organizations are reluctant to share offensive and sensitive information because they are worried about being sued for defamation of character by former employees.

pre employment background investigation

Employee Background Investigation

Negligent hiring and negligent referral lawsuits have created a rock and a hard place situation for employers. Employers are pressured to be forthcoming and accurate about employee information they share. For us as employees that’s good news and bad news.

Let’s face it no employee has perfect employment history records. Negligent hiring has influenced companies to be honest in sharing the good, bad and ugly contained in our employment history. Negligent referrals have also influenced organizations to do the same while being fearful of defamation lawsuits.

Employees should know laws are being passed that give businesses some protection against lawsuits resulting from what a former employer tells a potential employer. These laws are dependent on the former employer act in good faith! Yikes!

In the exchange of information in employment investigations a reference from the previous job and a check of public records influences openness. This link will show you why there are situations that make a detailed employee background check necessary.

pre employment background investigation

Employee Background Investigations

Before a job investigation employment is performed the employer must get a written and signed authorization from the employee. This informs the employee what type of background investigation of employment will be done.

The employee has the option of not signing the pre employment investigations authorization to protect her privacy rights. But, the employer has the option of refusing the application. Follow this link to learn more about employee privacy rights in background checks.

As a employee I understand that an employment…

investigation and background check

…are essential to the well being of any business or organization. Companies want to stay out of court and the health and safety of the employees and customers is critical. This link will answer other employee background check questions you may have.

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