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Employers want to do a pre employment background search, so the job seeker signs a consent form. But does the potential employee understand what an employment history search means? Once the consent form is signed your life can become an open book to a new potential employer.

I’m Yancey and I remember in the 1990’s the extensive employment history search done on me. I was seeking employment with a major southeastern U.S. power utility. It was a somewhat intimidating process that involved questions about…
  • criminal records
  • social security number verification
  • medical records
  • court records
  • neighbor references
  • drug tests
  • driving history
…among other employment background searches.

These went beyond the usual check of my educational background and resume. Being fingerprinted was a strange feeling as well. I remember saying oh no now big brother has my fingerprints now! After the pre employment background examination was completed I got the job.

pre employment background search

Background Check of Employment

When doing a search in employment background check the majority of employers look for…

  • educational background
  • motor vehicle history
  • employment background
  • criminal history
  • credit history
Companies and organizations want to know about our employment background to determine if we are who we say we are. Research shows that up to 40 percent of most resumes contain false information. It is very important that we as employees are as honest as possible when we fill out a job application!

Background checks and pre employment background inquiries are becoming less expensive, so employers want to weed out the bad employees and job seekers. Another thing employers have to consider is laws that make a background employment search mandatory. Follow these links for more information concerning a required background investigation.

Nursing Home Employee Background Checks
Those seeking employment where contact with the elderly or disabled is required.

School Employee Background Checks
An employment background search for individuals that will work with or come in contact with children.

Employee Criminal Background Check
An employee background search is required for job seekers and employees involved with children, the elderly and people with disabilities as mentioned above. Employers don’t want to hire people with records of domestic, child or elder abuse.

pre employment background search

The background check of employee work histories is…

…increasing because of concerns about domestic and international terrorism. The emergence of identity theft has also been a driving force for a more intense employee background search. Employers do not however have unlimited access to the employment histories of individuals.

The (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act sets guidelines for employer background checks. But employees should know this only applies when businesses hire an outside company called a consumer reporting agency. The (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act sets guidelines for employer background checks.

But employees should know this only applies when businesses hire an outside company called a consumer reporting agency.If the organization does its own background check the job seeker is not protected by the FCRA. Employers that have jobs with salaries above $75,000 are not limited by the FCRA restrictions on what can be reported.

Besides credit reports, the FCRA gives information on the consumer or job applicants…

  • general reputation
  • character
  • lifestyle
  • personal characteristics

Employees should understand that this is the type of information companies want to know about Them.

pre employment background search

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is required to ensure that reports connected to decisions involving things like an individual’s employment are correct. The FCRA requires that the following information must not be part of a background check for employee work history.

  • with the exception of criminal convictions, any adverse information after seven years
  • tax liens paid after seven years
  • collections after seven years
  • civil lawsuits after seven years
  • civil judgments after seven years
  • arrest records after seven years

Federal law forbids discrimination against job seekers or employees who file for bankruptcy. However, this information can be included in a background check of pre employment inquiries. Research studies show that companies and organizations cannot gain access to arrest records of job seekers in several states. These records are a part of public information, nonetheless.

Hey job seekers and employees! Here’s more good news! The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) gives you the right to get a FREE copy of background checks and pre employment background inquiries once per year.

There is however bad news. Most third party companies hired by your potential employer don’t maintain background checks on employee work histories when they provide that data to the company. This means they may not have that information if you request it.

pre employment background search

As time goes on technology will make a pre employment background search grow in importance for the employer and most importantly the employee! My fellow employees remember this, employers want to eliminate people who will hurt their business economically or with bad publicity.

That’s why following this link will give you more information about your employee background check rights.

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