What Should The Former Employee Do?

After leaving employment what are some first priorities for the now "former" employee?

This is the 11th installment in the "Learn What To Do If The Employer Is Setting You Up For Termination" series.

In the 10th installment we looked at the best options for the employee and his/her family in whether to resign, be terminated or laid off. Even if you were offered and accepted a severance package, losing  your job can be challenging and stressful.

In this article we will focus on the well being of the employee adapting to the radical change in their career and home life. One of the absolute saddest things is the employee that gets terminated, forced to quit or laid off NOT knowing the most BASIC EMPLOYEE RIGHTS!

These individuals tend to have the hardest time adjusting to their employment change. The fear of not being able to provide for your family can be overwhelming at times. This coupled with the deep sense of injustice or betrayal by the former employer create a recipe for high stress and depression. Often times this employee will become extremely susceptible to the following symptoms...

==> irritability
==> sleeplessness
==> drug use
==> lack of concentration
==> insomnia
==> paranoia

However, my professional experience and research of hundreds of other employees paint a different picture when Basic Employee Rights awareness and education are applied BEFORE it's too late. The feelings of being lost, helpless, depression and high stress are greatly diminished.

After Leaving Employment What Now?

Why? Because of the 5 P's...and what are they?


Unfortunately, that's not my quote. But the point is job seekers and employees who devote time and resources to employee rights education and training are far less likely to find themselves as victims of bad intentions by some employers. In any event the absolute first thing any newly unemployed person should do is....


The next thing is to seek relevant support from family and friends who truly care and have your best interests at heart. Also, if you have made the decision to file a lawsuit against your former employer seek legal guidance from your attorney on your employment options. Both those that are prepared for termination and those that are not will NEED to get their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual life in order.

Take it from someone who knows all about sitting around brooding and obsessing on being the recipient of unjust adverse employment action. All this accomplishes is negatively affecting your decision making, attitude, health and relationships. So even if you have a lawsuit in motion the following will help you to adjust...

==> Seek other employment
==> Consider starting your own business
==> Volunteer your time to worthy community programs
==> Create a strategy for moving forward with your life
==> Focus on fun with family and friends
==> "Stay the course" with your attorney

After Leaving Employment What Now?

Speaking of attorneys', in the next installment we are going to talk about "Choose An Employment Attorney"

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