Second Interview

You get the call for the second job interview, now what? The company has decided you are a serious candidate for the position or they would not have called you back! Second interviews could involve you being interviewed by many more people that may last all day.

Being prepared for the second job interview is just as important as the first job interview. The job applicant could meet with a variety of people including upper management personnel, team leaders, employees or a panel of several individuals!

The very first thing to do is not to sweat it. You should be encouraged by the fact you are among the finalist for the job. Second interviews are typically done before a job offer is made. Employers want to nail down exactly who best fits their needs for the job.

The job seeker should also want to fully understand everything about the company and position before accepting a job offer. Starting a new job only to find out later it’s not a good fit for you can be devastating. This is especially true if you had to relocate to take it.

second job interview

Second Interview Tips

The following are second job interview tips to be aware of beforehand.

Further Investigation
You need to learn even more about the company and the position than you did the first time around. If the business has a website check out the about us page. It also helps if you know someone who works for the company to get a feel for the climate, atmosphere, culture or day to day working environment.

Interviewer Information
Make sure you have the correct contact information on the primary person interviewing you. Obtain his/her telephone number, name, and exact job title. Ask about how you should dress if it is business or casual. It’s also important not to schedule any other meetings or interviews that day because it may last all day.

What travel plans do you need to make, including things like rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, etc. You need to know travel expenses the organization will reimburse. Always arrive 10 minutes or so ahead of time.

Game Plan
Ask the primary interviewer what will be the schedule of events. You need to know what to expect so you can plan appropriately. You need to know names and titles of all those that interview you. There could be groups or panels of several people interviewing you at the same time.

Panel interviews can be intimidating but always give honest answers to the questions. The job applicant may be asked the same question different ways by different people, again be honest and consistent with your answers.

second job interview

Second Job Interview Tips

Lunch or Dinner Interviews
If the second interview is all or most the day employers will provide meals which you should treat as part of the interview. There is opportunity for a more relaxed atmosphere during mealtime, but don’t be fooled you are still being evaluated. The interviewer(s) are observing your people skills, so do not get too familiar. You want to be relaxed but always stay professional.

Improper or Illegal Questions
More often than not at some point whether first or second interview employers will ask inappropriate or illegal job interview questions. Why? Amazingly a lot of interviewers have not been properly trained in what and what not to ask. However companies also ask illegal questions deliberately.
You should be prepared to handle these questions appropriately. This link to my illegal interview questions page can help.

Relevant Documentation
You should take all the same documentation you had in the first job interview to the second. Study beforehand info such as the job description, resume, copy of application, company info, etc. This will help your confidence when answering questions.

Professional Dress
You should always dress professionally unless the interviewer mentions its alright to dress casually. If there is any doubt then business dress is the way to go.

second job interview

Tips For Second Interviews

Interview the Employer
Remember the job interview is a two-way street. You should always have prepared questions to ask the employer. When you here “Do you have any questions?”, be ready with the appropriate questions to help you decide if the job is right for you.

Example questions would be, Will I be given an employee handbook? Why is this job open? Is this company financially stable? Learn more about job interview questions to ask by following this link. interview questions to ask

Second Interview Questions

Second Job Interview Questions
The questions you will be asked the second time around will typically be more precise about your training, experience, industry knowledge and the job itself. This is also a good time for you to ask questions or express concerns you forgot to mention in the first interview.

Salary Expectations
Remember you should not bring up salaries until the interviewer does. Having done the research beforehand you should know what the industry average is for the position applied for. If the employer asks the question, “What are your salary requirements?” A good way to answer is to give a range like 40Kto45K.

Carefully Observe The Environment
Observe the “climate or atmosphere” of every area you are shown. Do you feel comfortable with the environment? Do you feel at ease about working there? It’s not always clear if a job is the right fit. If your gut tells you something is not quite right, don’t ignore it. Do more investigation by asking more questions in the areas that you are uncomfortable about.

second job interview

More Second Interview Tips

The Job Offer
The second job interview has gone very and the employer makes the job available to you! What do you do now? This is the reason you went through all the preparation for the first and second interviews. Step back take a deep breath and ask how soon the company needs an answer.

Believe it or not saying yes immediately on the spot may not be the right decision! Give yourself a couple of days at home or in a quiet place to objectively weigh everything involved. Tell the company you will take a little time to think about it. When you are completely at peace with the decision to take the job with no reservations then go for it!

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Second Interview Letter

The Thank You Letter
Regardless of whether you are offered and don’t accept or are not selected always send a prompt thank you letter for the second interview. It should be addressed to the primary interviewer and mention everyone that you met with.

Be sure to express your ongoing interest in the business and any subsequent positions if not selected for the current one. To learn why interview follow up letters are important follow this link to my interview thank you letters page.

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